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We Do It Right. On Time. Everytime.

Drain / Sewer Line Cleaning & Repair

Every home has multiple drains

– kitchen drains, bathroom drains, laundry room drains, floor drains, basement drains, a building’s main drain, etc.

When they work smoothly and as designed, life is good; but when there is a problem?

With a simple maintenance program you can save yourself from costly headaches at the most inopportune times (like, with a house full of people), and ensure your drains run smoothly.

And, of course, should the need arise – or back up, as they say — we’ll be there to quickly resolve any drain problem, large or small.

Our expert plumbing services include:

  • Slow drains to full main sewer line replacements; we do it all in drains.
  • Removing debris from the kitchen drain trap.
  • Bathtub Drain Line Cleaning
  • Garbage Disposal Lines Cleaned
  • Main Line Sewer Cleaning
  • Video Camera Inspection
  • Interior Drain Line Cleaning
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Sink
  • Drain Line Cleaning

When your drain is plugged, expect a quick and quality resolution each and every time, with such services as:

  • A camera inserted into the line to ascertain the problem and show you clearly what further steps are necessary.
  • Services such as jetting the line to clear it, or repairing or replacing the line
  • A cable to open the line.
  • Once the condition of the line has been determined, we will offer the appropriate warranty on our work.

Louisiana Plumbing LLC

Our company offers customers on-time plumbing services, replacement and repairs done right the first time with courtesy, convenience, cleanliness, competence and character.
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